Love4Bees will remove swarms free-of-charge. Hive removal is estimated on a case-by-case basis as there are usually structural considerations to under-take during a hive removal. If you are unsure of whether you have a hive removal or swarm please contact us directly call or email.

Call us: 303-428-5220  for immediate response situations.

In all hives and bee swarm removals, the bees are removed alive and relocated to a good home! If you would like to keep the bees yourself, let us know and we will assist in getting a hive setup for you.

Swarm removal vs. Hive removal

Q. What are the differences between a swarm and an established hive?

A. A swarm is a football sized grouping of bees as they are gathering around a queen. Usually found in trees, or possibly on the soffit of a building. A hive is an established colony where honeycombs have already been built and is either inside a tree or inside the walls of a house or basement.


Swarm of bees on a tree

Bees in a basement ceiling