Welcome to Love4bees, LLC


 Colorado Front Range Honey.


Love4bees began beekeeping in 2015 as a hobby with one beehive in the back yard. Our initial plan was to buy a beehive and have free honey the rest of our lives. We then began to sell other beekeepers honey to our friends and associates. We have since discovered how beneficial raw unfiltered honey was for people who suffered from pollen allergies. Our honey and bee wax is now available from our website.


Love4bees also began to pick up swarms to increase our honey production. This lead into the removal of bees from buildings and homes. We call these extractions. We have developed a lot of specialized techniques and equipment to safely remove the bees over the course of our work.

We are not exterminators, we are bee removers.
We do recommend a reputable exterminator if hornets or wasp are hidden.